My Kitty and The Birdbath

cat in sink

Skittle is my water-loving cat. She has decided that she must drink out of the birdbath each time she goes out front and especially if I am out there and spraying water to fill it.

She has a bowl of clean water right inside the garage, which I leave open a bit all day for the cats to hide from dogs if they have to, but this is more fun I suppose.

She also drinks from the hose if I have it turned on low to deep-water the shrubs, and inside the house she drinks from the sink. She is one of those needy cats who wants attention all the time and she goes in and out all day long.

I used to leave the back screen open just a bit for her until she decided that bringing a chipmunk into the house would be fun. After spending most of one day shooing it outside, I can’t do that any more.

cat drinking from birdbath

Skittle is my water-loving Kitty

Eventually she pulled the top of the birdbath over and it broke. That thing was heavy and could have hurt her, so she was lucky.


2 thoughts on “My Kitty and The Birdbath

  1. swisstoons

    Hmmm. At first I thought maybe a mouse had travelled, at one time or another, through your hose…so the water from the hose maybe had mouse flavoring in it. But you said Skittles also liked to drink from your kitchen sink. So, I guess that shoots my theory. Unless…

    Have you checked to make sure you don’t have a mouse in your kitchen tap…? How’s your coffee taste? 🙂


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