A Spooky Walk in the Forest

winter tree branches

As Halloween approaches, I thought I’d share a spooky story from my walk in the forest.  (Not really too spooky, just fun.)

moss covered tree roots

A Big Green Hand

I love to walk in the woods with my camera because there is always something interesting to photograph. I went looking for mushrooms this fall and ended up taking pictures of some creepy, crawling tree roots! Trees that have partially fallen over leave many of their roots exposed to create a tangle of wooden arms. The roots appear to be crawling like a big hand, in the photo above.

Is this the hand of a witch, with the fingers dug down in the rocky soil trying to pull herself along the forest floor? Does this thing move when I am not there to see? Just who is it trying to get, and where is it headed?

tangled tree roots in forest

This tree reminded me of a land octopus

Everywhere there were exposed roots.  The many tentacles of this land octopus reach out and try to trip the passerby. What happens if I fall? Will it grab me and pull me into it’s black den made of criss-crossed roots?

black cat in woods

The Witches Black Cat

Then, I came across the most frightening site. A black cat sitting near a dark tangle of tree roots seemed to be watching something inside the black recesses of the roots.  I decided to get out of there before she alerted her master to my presence.

black cat in woods on rock


Just when I thought I was home free, another black cat appeared. The first one had brought reinforcements! She sat like a (dark) princess up on top of a rock and watched me navigate the fallen tree bridge.  Luckily I didn’t slip and made it safely across where I found my trail.

I left the spooky forest behind and have only these photos to tell of that disturbing walk in the woods.

Happy Halloween to all!

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