Honey Cowl Three in Mrs. Crosby Yarn

This is my third knitting of the Honey Cowl pattern and this time I chose a lighter weight yarn. The free pattern is simple enough for a beginner to knit and gives a lovely textured project.

I’ve always made the longer version that wraps twice around the neck. This time I used Mrs. Crosby Satchel yarn in “Dogwood” color.

Honey cowl knit using fingering weight yarn in long infinity scarf project.
Honey Cowl

Because this yarn is one-ply and categorized as sport or fingering weight, I did a longer cast-on of 250 stitches. It turned out to be a good guess as it wraps nicely around my neck.

I hadn’t woven in the ends or washed the cowl before taking these quick photos. As you can see it is a good fit. I’ve had the yarn for years and it’s very soft. The Dogwood color is mostly off-white with some light blue mixed in.

The light color I chose helps to show the nice chain-type texture of this project. There is an obvious line where each row is begun so that needs to be remembered when wearing.

Want to Knit This Cowl?

To knit this cowl you must be able to cast-on and cast-off, knit, purl, and slip stitches. That’s it! Very simple.

Find the Honey Cowl pattern download on this Ravelry page. Personally, I like a long, infinity scarf, but there are directions for a single wrap version as well.

The Honey Cowl wrapped twice around my neck.
Double wrapped cowl

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