A Quick Little Scarf Knit For a Visit North

Railings crescent shaped scarf tied around my neck

A trip to New Hampshire is planned – finally. With all this Covid stuff, New Englanders do not want visitors! I have not visited my children for over two years at this point. So it’s time.

I won’t be traveling in deep winter, but early Spring. It could still be cold and I suddenly thought about packing frugally for cold weather. Although I have loads of hand knits, most are bulky and I will only take one medium sized suitcase.

For this reason I decided to knit a smallish neck wrap.

I like the shape of crescent shawls. I wanted something not as big as a true scarf, and I wanted it to be useful and warm. Something I could just wrap around my neck on walks.

I’ve knit quite a few shawls and wraps, but few have been crescent shaped. My pattern collection has built up over the past couple of years and I began to dig through. It’s been a year of conserving and using up what I have, including yarn.

The Pattern is “Railings”, by Janina Kallio of Woolenberry

Railings is a pattern I had purchased and printed out a while ago, but never knit. To be sure of the shape, I looked it up on Ravelry and read the comments of other knitters. Many said it ended up too small, so I have added a few more rows.

Knitting the Railings crescent shawl
My Railings with stripes of mohair

First thing to consider, after the pattern was chosen, was color. I didn’t want sock yarn because I want this wrap to be warm. It also had to be soft. Digging through my stash, I found a ball of Anzula in dark gray. It is soft and wonderful and has 10% cashmere. To add some fuzziness, I made stripes of Anzula and mohair held together. White mohair would not have been my preferred choice, but it’s what I had.

I might run out of yarn, but I have more dark balls to use up. I’m not really concerned with color matching, just a warm and comfy end product.

Railings crescent scarf in gray showing the pattern
Showing the patterning

Railings crescent shaped scarf tied around my neck
This scarf is the perfect fit

The plan is to have this shawl wrap around my neck with the ends hanging down in front. *Update: photo above shows it wrapped and tied twice in front. I think it is the perfect size. The other thing I’d like to knit before my trip is a pair of fingerless mitts.

Woolenberry Patterns – She Does Shawls

When I think of Woolenberry, I think shawls. She is a good designer to follow if you are a bit of a beginner and want knitting practice. She offers a nice variety of fairly easy patterns which are easy to follow. She may also have more difficult patterns as I am not familiar with all she offers.

I have knit her Dewdrops shawl. It was an easy knit and is triangle shaped.

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