Loads of Wonderful Free Patterns by Espace Tricot

Turtle Dove hand-knit sweater in Quarry

As I was searching for help knitting the Turtle Dove pullover, I discovered that the designer, Espace Tricot, offers all their pattern for free! Who doesn’t love free? You may have to be a Ravelry member, and signed in, to see these links fully.

As I mentioned, I am knitting the Turtle Dove sweater – even though I swore I would not knit another sweater this year – I lie to myself a lot. After having trouble figuring out the pattern in the beginning, I am now zipping along with the knitting. I have a page with helpful info about that pattern here.

Free Shawl and Scarf Patterns

I also have decided that shawls are a waste of time right now because I live in a hot, humid climate where I would never wear one. But shawls and scarves are perfect for knitting practice.

Espace Tricot has many very pretty shawls that seem to cover the spectrum from simple to more advanced.

The Eveil shawl looks quite simple with knits and purls. It’s a triangle shape so it’s easy to wear like a pointy scarf. Nearly any type or color of yarn would work.

If you feel like upping your game a bit, Fleur is a pretty triangle shawl that contains bobbles – I’ve never tried that – and is worked holding two yarns together.

What I really like is that the designers offer more difficult patterns (IMO) as well. That way you get to learn new things and expand upon your knitting abilities. The Fast Track scarf is one that looks very simple, yet because you carry a contrast stripe up the side of the scarf, which for me would be a new technique.

Some of my favorite patterns from Espace Tricot, added to my list of “things to knit” would be:

  • Flying Solo cowl – knit holding two fingering yarns together to create a gradient. This cowl splits at the bottom to fit on the shoulders! Would make a nice gift.
  • Ombre Tank – Here’s one I might be able to actually wear.
  • Petits Pins – baby blanket with lace. I have no babies to knit for, but I do like this blanket. There is a matching Baby Bonnet as well.
  • Gateway to Rustic – lined cowl with colorwork.

Have you knit any Espace Tricot patterns?

4 thoughts on “Loads of Wonderful Free Patterns by Espace Tricot

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