Free and Fast Knits for Christmas Gifts: Scarves in Worsted

This page contains a list of free knitting (and some crocheting) patterns for scarves and cowls that will knit up quickly in worsted or bulky yarn. *Please note these items were free when this page was created, and that could change.

Christmas Gift Knitting

If you are like me and the majority of the population, waiting until the last minute is typical. We have busy lives and at holiday time it’s worse. The months leading up to holiday season is the ideal time to begin knitting those Christmas gifts. We know it, and yet many of us procrastinate.

It’s okay to begin knitting late in the season, if you can find some fast knits, done with heavy weight yarn – worsted or bulky. Personally I am keeping a list of the best machine-washable yarn I can find. I have grown boys who will absolutely not hand wash anything.

Scarves, cowls and hats are about the quickest projects, in my opinion, and I’ve listed mostly scarves, a few cowls, and one necktie, on this page. A page about free hat patterns is coming!

Knitting Scarves for Guys (Unisex)

Guys can be the most difficult to buy for and that is why hand-knits could be the perfect gift. When I search around Ravelry for patterns, I see that a lot of people knit (and crochet) for husbands, boyfriends, sons and grandsons. My own grown sons, even the one here in Florida, seem to appreciate the hats I’ve knit them.

The links below go to their corresponding Ravelry page where the pattern can be downloaded. Most scarf patterns are unisex and color will differentiate male or female. Please note: Most of these items I have not knit myself. I can’t vouch for the pattern and these are ideas only, not suggestions.

The nice thing about knitting a scarf is that gauge doesn’t really matter. A scarf pattern is pretty easy to convert from fingering weight to worsted or bulky. Cast on fewer stitches if your yarn is heavier. Scarves can be knit to any length desired.

Scarves and Cowls For Women

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Free Crochet Patterns

Although I mostly knit, I do occasionally crochet so thought I’d include a few patterns here for the crocheters. These links are for scarves and hats, which are the easiest and fastest projects in my opinion.

This is just a few patterns out there for free. If you have any favorites, please share in the comments.


Solstice Glow chicken hat

A Hat Pattern For Those Who Raise Backyard Chickens

I’m knitting a fun little hat with a motif of chickens! The stranded colorwork pattern is called the Solstice Glow Hat and is by knitwear designer “Bunnymuff”, who is Mona Zillah. A link to the pattern page is at the bottom of this page. The yarn I am using is Jamieson & Smith 2-ply Shetland […]

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Finished knitting Carbeth Cardigan

Holiday Knitting a Woolly Carbeth Cardigan in Alafosslopi

My son worked Thanksgiving Day and since it’s only me and him, I spent the day getting a new knitting project on the needles (I finished it on New Years Eve). The Carbeth Cardigan (Ravelry pattern page) is a design by KDD and Co., Kate Davies Designs. The pattern suggests holding two yarns together, but […]

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Red and gray mittens

Made-Up Mittens Pattern Knit in Two Types of Lopi Wool

This is a mitten pattern I made up by pulling from a couple of patterns I recently knit. Once you know the basics of mitten knitting, it’s quite easy to wing it with your own designs and colors. Of course my made-up mittens don’t look great. In fact, they don’t match but they are for […]

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