Knitting the Quince Wrap Pattern

Quince Wrap shawl pattern

Ambah O’Brien’s Quince Wrap caught my eye because I liked the shape. I’m not big on those triangular wraps because I never know just how to wear them – if I could even wear them here in Florida!

But a long wrap is more like a scarf, and that is easier to deal with.

Aqua blue Emma's Yarn
Practically Perfect Sock yarn by Emma’s Yarn in two tropical blue colors

Choosing colors was very tough for me. The pattern designer used color sets from Miss Babs and knit the shawl in rows of color. I decided to save money and knit using some yarn I already had.

Yarn I Used

Because I am in Florida and that means I love tropical colors, so why not use them in the Quince wrap? I used my two aqua blue skeins of yarn from a local Florida yarn store called Four Purls. These skeins of Emma’s Yarn were purchased when the Four Purls Yarn Truck visited my area of the state.

I had purchased a big skein of Anzula light fingering in gray (Elephant) and had no idea what to do with it. The gray color became my border for the wrap. The other colors I used are listed here and can be found under Emma’s Yarn Beautifully Basic at Four Purls online.

  • Ice Ice Baby (aqua blue)
  • Zuni (aqua blue)
  • Juneau (mix of blue, gray and white) used for center rows
Gray Anzula yarn
Beginning the shawl with Anzula Cloud in “Elephant” gray.

All of this yarn was wonderful to work with, and I discovered the joy of Anzula which I had never knit with before. It’s definitely a favorite.

Beginning the Quince shawl pattern
Beginning the lace section of the Quince Shawl

Figuring Out My Color Placement

I was a bit afraid that I might run out of yarn so I ordered the Juneau color way which I used for the 10 center rows. It contained similar colors to what I was using!

Aqua blue Quince Shawl knitting
Rows of aqua in my Quince Wrap knitted shawl.

The pattern was fun to knit, but it did seem to take me a very long time to finish. I used stitch markers between the repeats on the lace rows and that was super helpful.

Click on the link to the Quince Wrap at the top of this page to see more like this at the Ravelry website.

Quince Wrap knitting project
Quince Wrap in aqua blue

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