Visiting the Four Purls Yarn Truck

Four Purls yarn truck

A few months ago I visited the Four Purls Yarn Truck for the first time. I bought lots of wonderful yarn and learned a little about their store and the family behind it. Both daughters of the owners do their own hand-dying to create some beautiful hanks of yarn. It’s a family run store. I’ve met the husband and wife team, who are helpful and friendly, both times I have visited their truck stopover in New Smyrna Beach.

Tables of colorful yarn for sale set up on tables outside the Four Purl's yarn truck.
Outdoor tables full of yarn

My knitting experience with Emma’s Yarn was such a delight that I had to be sure and buy more when the yarn truck came to town.

Located in Winter Haven, in central Florida, the Four Purl’s yarn store takes road trips in their colorful yarn truck to share their wares with those of us who have no local shops. They show up in New Smyrna only a few times a year, but I am grateful that they do. It’s always nice to be able to handle yarn, and see colors in person!

Rack of hand-knit shawls and sweaters
Shawls and sweaters knit from patterns, which are listed on their tags.

Pattern Samples Already Knit

A rack of clothing was displayed at the outer edge of the yarn tables. As I browsed, I realized these were patterns (name of pattern on tag attached to item) already knit up for us to see. This is a clever idea and next time I may do some pattern browsing before I buy my yarn.

As it was, I already needed quite a few skeins for patterns I had in mind. Hand-dyed yarn is gorgeous, but it is not cheap. One must restrain oneself when surrounded by all that pretty yarn. As it was, I still bought a lot of yarn!

Colorful skeins of Emm'a Yarn hand-dyed in semi-solid, speckled and variegated colors.
My purchase of Emma’s Yarn, hand-dyed in an array of beautiful colors

My Knitting Plans Using The New Yarn

Sun Kissed is a free shawl download which I have been planning to make for a while now. I’ve been waiting to find the right colors. For the time being I am thinking of using “Gatsby” (mostly white yarn with dark speckles) and “Farmer’s Market” (look at those colors!) to knit it.

Hanks of yarn
Emma’s Yarn colors: Gatsby and Farmer’s Market

Even though I recently purchased Stephen West’s “Mohairino Medley”, I didn’t find the right colors at the Yarn Truck. But I do love a couple of WestKnits shawls and was thinking of the Sea Swell Shawl pattern in particular when I bought the three skeins below. Or, I may knit another favorite by Westknits called Slumber Shawl.

Silky and basic yarn in skeins
L-R color names: Malibu, Turtle Haven, and 10 Questions

I found a skein of “Denim” blue for the border color to finish up my Dewdrops Shawl. I began the triangle shawl with Emma’s Yarn in “Main Squeeze” color which reminds me of pink grapefruit.

denim blue ball of yarn
Denim blue color ball of yarn to finish my Dewdrops shawl.

And inside the truck I picked up a DK weight skein in “Don’t Call Me Peaches” color (below). This one is part nylon, with merino wool, and I am using it to attempt a pair of socks – again. Emma’s “Simply Spectacular DK” yarn is combined here with some fingering yarn from my stash to make a heavy-weight pair of socks (fingers crossed). For some reason I gravitate toward peachy colors!

Peach and aqua sock knitting
Sock Knitting

While I was paying, the husband of the Four Purls team mentioned that they would not be back to New Smyrna until next Fall. They don’t go out in summer, which I can’t blame them for. It’s a really hideous time of year here in Florida and no one wants to be standing around in the Florida sun. So I will have to use up my yarn over the next six months while I wait.

Bag of Emma's Yarn skeins purchased from the yarn truck.
Hanks of yarn purchased from Four Purls

Four Purls sells more than Emma’s Yarn, but it turned out that that was the only brand I bought. I also picked up a gauge counter.

Summer in Florida is a good time to stay inside in the AC… and do some lightweight knitting.

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