Miss Babs “Tea Party” Yummy 3-Ply Yarn

Miss Babs Tea Party yarn

Quite a while ago I bought a skein of Tea Party yarn from Miss Babs. This one is sport weight and is one of the Yummy 3-Ply yarns offered at Miss Babs’ site. I bought it because it was pretty, and I don’t have definite plans for it yet.

Miss Babs Tea Party yarn
Miss Babs Tea Party yarn

Before I wound it up, I took some photos of the various colors that can be seen among the strands of yarn in this lovely color way. “Tea Party” must be popular because it is currently sold out / out of stock in many of the yarn weights offered by Miss Babs. I hope it comes back because I love it.

color section of Tea Party yarn
bright pink of Tea Party yarn

Below is a little swatch where I played around with some stitches and used “Tea Party” with “Deep Sea Jellyfish” which is also a Miss Babs yarn in Big Silk worsted weight.

Tea party and jellyfish yarn
Swatch with Tea Party and Deep Sea Jellyfish

I don’t know what I will knit with this yarn, but I’m considering a scarf with both the bright pinks and purples of Jellyfish and the more subtle speckled white of Tea Party.

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