Starting on My Make Nine Challenge

bright orange blue cotton knitting yarn

The Make Nine Challenge is something I saw on Instagram and found more about on this article at Home Row Fiber. Choose nine things to accomplish in the year 2020 that have to do with crafting. Mine will all have to do with knitting, but some people sew or crochet so mixing it up is fine. In fact it is very informal and a way for people to become more focused on their crafts.

I like the idea, because I love to write things down. Making lists is how I accomplish my tasks day to day. Being able to check something off makes me feel good too.

Make Nine challenge with my partial list of knitting goals for 2020
Quick sketch of my Make 9 projects / lessons to complete in 2020

What’s On My Make Nine List?

The image above is a quick list of some things I want to get done in the near future. You’ll notice I have 2 grids empty, but I bet I will be filling them soon. In fact knitting for the kitchen just came to mind as I added that Key West Karribean Kotten yarn photo (top blue and orange yarn).

First, I have three projects to finish, and I already finished one – the Namu Cowl. It’s checked off… whoohooo! Still to go is the Moon Sisters shawl and the Oxbow Cardigan. I’m not planning to finish them before I begin something else, but I am hoping I will be able to STICK TO THE GRID and not go nuts beginning other random projects.

There is a pair of mittens – Milet pattern (Ravelry)- I want to knit very badly. (Yes, I live in Florida and I knit mittens.) I just bought Rauma Finull wool from the Woolly Thistle to make them, but don’t have the pattern yet.

The Le Pouf cardi caught my eye recently and it’s such a cute little sweater. It’s a free pattern and it’s knit with sock yarn – so not too hot, which is perfect for where I live. I do wear sweaters a few times a year.

My best friend’s son and wife are having a baby – her first grandchild! – and I want to knit a hat with a fun colorwork pattern for the baby. Doing more colorwork is also a general goal.

I also want to knit a pair of socks that I like and can actually wear. I’ve been watching toe-up / magic loop videos on YouTube that are inspiring. I hate DPN’s so I want to get the hang of magic loop. ‘Keep learning’ is what I tell myself every day!

The soft look of mohair combined with fingering yarn appeals to me so I want one project to be made that way. Tin Can Knits has a pretty lacy pullover called “Love Note” which I may attempt to knit for my daughter.

As new patterns from my favorite designers come out, I may change my mind about what to make, but overall these are the projects.

Wooden knitting needles by clover

What Are Your Crafting Plans for 2020?

I’m lucky that I am older and my four kids are all grown. I also work from home, and that gives me more time to knit.

One of the biggest reasons I continue to expand my knitting knowledge is to keep my brain moving. I enjoy trying patterns that challenge me to figure things out. Learning about different yarns and what projects they work best for is interesting. As in gardening, you can’t just stick a plant in the ground, in knitting you can’t just grab any old yarn and expect it to work for any pattern. There is more to choosing yarn than by color.

I would love to know what you are planning to knit and which yarn you prefer. Please leave a comment… and fill in your Make Nine grid!

Do the Ravelry Challenge

If you are on Ravelry, go to your projects page and see the “challenge” sign on the far right side. Here you can list the number of projects you hope to complete for the upcoming year. Last year (2019) I hoped to do 5 and ended up with 14 finished projects! I totally underestimated myself! Ravelry keeps track and will give you a rundown at the end of the year (if you load your projects to their site.)

Photo grid of my finished knitting projects in 2019
Ten of the 14 projects I finished knitting in 2019

Left to right top row then bottom, here are the pattern names with blog posts and links to each.

For 2020 I chose 20 as my number of items to finish. I think I will do it, because some items will be small and quick, and I’ve already finished one – 19 to go.

I really hope to use up some of my yarn and keep myself from buying more (I love hate yarn sales!) Maybe I need to include stash yarn ideas in my grids too.

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