Eating Healthy in Peterborough New Hampshire

seal of the town of peterborough

Peterborough, NH

One of the things I enjoy about living in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire is the emphasis on buying local.  Eating healthy and organic, while supporting local farms is easy to do.  The quaint and picturesque community of Peterborough has farmers markets all summer long, and an indoor farmers market at the Community Center in winter.  There are two health food / organic stores that I know of which sell local and organic produce and meat.  Maggie’s Market on Main Street and the Green Grocer on Union Street are the ones I visit.  The Green Grocer has tables with various items to purchase for lunch.

Going out to eat is another way to support the locals.  Although I don’t get out much and have only eaten at a couple of places in Peterborough, restaurants tend to advertise that what they cook was purchased from farms nearby.  I loved that the Bantam Grill listed all the local places that supply their food right on  a chalkboard.  By the way, they have delicious food and are right on the main road, Route 202 (Jaffrey Rd.), in the plaza.

Harlows is an interesting and cozy place to eat.  I’ve only been in there once, but looking at their online menu, I see some yummy sounding sandwiches (Avacado Bliss) and meals, loaded with good veggies- don’t know if they are local.   There is a little stage in the back where they feature a variety of live bands and music in the evening.  It’s a popular place.

Much of the produce that is local comes from Rosaly’s Garden and Farm Stand.  I’ve been there once, at the end of summer, or maybe it was mid summer.  There is a long row of hydrangea bushes at one end of the garden, which grabbed my attention.  It was beautiful.  Here’s what the website says, “Rosaly’s is one of the largest Certified Organic Farms in New Hampshire and is the oldest certified organic farm in the state.”  I see that she offers “pick your own” blueberries and raspberries, and sells herbs (also pick your own if you want) as well as flowers and vegetables. 

And right after I wrote this post I bought some eggs at Roy’s Market that had a flyer inside.  They (the eggs) came from Oxbow Farm, and the flyer mentioned that The Bagel Mill uses Oxbow eggs on their sandwiches.

There is no excuse for not being healthy eater, if you live in or  near Peterborough!

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