My Winter Owl

barred owl photo

“My” Winter Owl

Photos have been sitting in my camera all winter, but I finally downloaded them and managed to get them a bit organized. This barred owl was a regular visitor to my backyard. He had a favorite branch where I’d watch him sit for hours, but one day he perched up on this post.  If he caught me moving around in the house he’d stare right at me with those dark eyes.  He sure is beautiful.  I know that they are common where I live, but I enjoyed it when he’d keep me company while I worked at my desk.

I’m not a good wildlife photographer at all, but this photo came out pretty good. I don’t see him any longer now that Spring is here, but I do hear the cry, which is very distinctive. I suspect there are many living in the woods around here.

Lately a red cardinal has been showing up late in the evening to pick through the dirt for who knows what. And I suddenly realized it’s May, and I need to hang my hummingbird feeder. Funny how the time just sneaks up on us.

My thoughts have been on gardening and putting up my mini deck-greenhouse. I also ordered another fabric pot to fill and plant in again this year which will expand the planting areas in my small backyard garden space.  But birds are a big part of gardening and I want them around to help control the bugs.  Owls are welcome too to keep the mouse population down.  This year I had very few mice in my basement – that I heard / saw anyway.  So we all have to work together – owls included.

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