The Freeze is Coming

cat covered in snow
frozen lake ice skating

The Freeze is Coming

I hear that the freeze is coming and it is bringing us some winter white. So far we have gotten off easy up here in New Hampshire. Today (December 6th) it is a balmy 42 and rainy as I type this. But tonight the freezing cold that has caused havoc all over the country is arriving along with a few inches of snow. It will be our first snowfall, other that the little dustings we’ve had here and there, which melted right away.
I’m bringing in the firewood and getting ready to run the wood stove quite a bit in the coming days.

The picture I am showing here is my son skating on Gregg Lake a number of years ago.  After being transplanted from Florida, he could take the snow as a youngster, and even enjoyed it, but now that he is an older teen, he stays in his room with the heat on and tells me daily that he wants to go back and live in Florida!

We are only getting a few inches of snow (so they say) and I know my son will gladly get up early and help with the shoveling.  Uh huh. Let the games begin.

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