Love My Wood Stove

wood stove

My Little Jotul

This Jotul is one of the smaller wood stoves made by the company and it fits nicely in my living room and is able to keep it plenty warm.
This summer I replaced the gaskets on the door and around the glass for a tight seal. I didn’t realize the extra work of having two gaskets, but I love having the glass front to watch the fire.
My old stove was in the basement and it didn’t matter since I couldn’t watch the fire anyway.
Replacing the rope around the openings was not a bad job and I watched a video first to get some tips. My son was visiting over the summer and he did the door gasket, then I did the glass one later on.

Having a tight gasket fit is needed to burn wood and control the fire. Closing the dampers won’t work well if air gets in around the seals.

If you need to replace your gaskets, look for size info on the paperwork that came with the stove.  The black glue is easier to use if you knead the tube first, and spraying the rope before you add it will help it stick better.  Just a couple of tips I learned.

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