Burning Wood For Winter Heat

Cordwood under tarps in snow.
Cord wood ready to burn

I’ve changed some things to make burning firewood easier this year. Last year my wood was stacked and covered with blue, plastic tarps. I had to trudge through the snow to the stacks of snow covered wood, brush it off and dig it out, then haul it in through the back sliding door to the living room.

By about mid-winter the snow was so high, and with the thaws and re-freezes, the wood became buried in solid snow hills. I dug out what I could, but mostly I was careful to not use too much. There is always the threat of an ice storm that would cause days without power. If that happened, keeping my small wood stove going for a week or more would really use up the wood.

This year I have a new plan.  I had a wood shed built this summer! I also added a door to the back of the garage. I can walk out the back of my garage and within a few steps I will be in the wood shed collecting dry pieces of firewood. This is much better!

New wood shed to keep firewood dry and snow free.
Love the new wood shed!

More is stacked inside the garage and so I feel like I am ready for the winter’s cold.  No more shoveling out the tarp covered piles.  The wood shed was an investment that I will enjoy for a while.

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3 thoughts on “Burning Wood For Winter Heat

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  2. kateekat

    Hooray! That is a lovely shed.

    We built a sun room off our kitchen this year. I’m hoping to extend our growing season a bit, but we can keep wood in there too, so we don’t have to go out and dig it out of the snow. We won’t keep it all there, and we generally don’t have to worry about lots of power outages – a few hours or a day would be the most common, but we want to be able to get to it if we need to.

    As always, your pics of the fall colors are stunning.


    1. Dustytoes

      Hello and thank you. It is nice to be able to easily get to the wood. I would love to have a sun room, you must love yours.
      Thanks for the comment.


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