A New Year, So Who Cares?

Black and white cat

2013…Who cares?

Isn’t it just another day? January first with a new number after that. I’ve been around for 56 of them. When I was young I got very excited about New Year’s Eve. It meant a lot more to me than it does now. I used to call my parents (wow, long time ago – I haven’t had any parents in 15 years) and wake them up and couldn’t understand their lack of enthusiasm. I wanted to have fun, I wanted to go out and party with everyone else, but my kids were asleep and my husband was at work. I missed lots of chances to have a good time and before you know it there are no more chances.
So, it’s a reminder that my first best friend and my old boyfriend who died too young both had and have birthdays today – December 3st. The new year will bring new challenges and life goes on.
So Happy New Year. I say it because it is the thing to do today.

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