As Christmas Day Begins

merry christmasMerry Christmas to all my faithful readers and to those who may stumble across this blog today.
I am up early, before the sun is up, to check on my online stores and reply to some e-mail. I always enjoy the peace and quiet of early morning. But soon I will have to start the fire, make french toast and wait for the kiddos to get up.

Thank God they are not up at 4 AM any more! All of you parents who were up super early today, I can definitely relate. The days when Christmas was “over” by 5AM..! It always made for a very long day.
Now my kids are older so I’m sure they will wait until at least 7:00! Pretty sure anyway.

It is snowing, but won’t amount to much I’ve heard. Maybe just enough to give us that white Christmas. I plan to enjoy the fact that two of my four kids are with me. It’s a very good gift. I hope you have special gifts to enjoy too.

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