No New England White Christmas?

kids ice fishing on the lake

Ice Fishing Mid-Winter

It’s the Sunday before Christmas – December 23rd – and have splotches of snow on the ground in my area of southeastern New Hampshire.

My daughter came to visit from Manchester – to the east – and said, “you guys have a lot of snow over here”. So that tells you how little snow there is. Our ground is not even covered, but rumor has it (per the weatherman) that we might get some snow Christmas morning.

So although it appears that most of the northeast is currently brown and not white, that may change just in the nick of time.

Until last year, we always had plenty of snow for the holidays it seemed. This cold season has so far brought more snow, turning to rain, and ending up as slush, which is gross. My son and I shoveled that slushy stuff off the driveway and it was not fun. Leaving it there meant I could be stranded once it froze over. As it is, I have to put on my LLBean ice cleats (stabilicers) to go out and fill the bird feeders. My backyard is packed frozen snow which is like walking on ice. By the way those stabilicers are an excellent investment for around $20 and work great.

So I wish you a wonderful Christmas – white or not.  Enjoy your blessings – we can all find many things to be thankful for.

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