Adding a Stone Wall Barrier to the Front Yard

stone wall

Newly built stone wall.

My front yard slopes down toward the house and for the most part that doesn’t bother me, except when it rains hard and all the sediment and sand from the road washes into my yard.
The only real option was to put up a barrier of some kind to keep the water running off down the swale at the side of the yard.
Back in May I had someone out to give me an estimate to build a stone wall. Wow, it was gonna cost me! And then it rained, and they got busy, and the job kept getting delayed. A few weeks ago we had a torrential rain, which is unusual for this area, and I went out in my raincoat to pile some small rocks along the edge of the waterline to keep the water out.
I was getting ticked off at the landscapers who didn’t call, but finally one morning I got the call at 7:30 AM that they were coming to build my wall. Halleluiah!
They added a straight line of large rocks (the rocks in front were already there) to make a natural-looking wall.  After about four hours of shifting the big rocks around I had my wall. It really needed to be longer, but I didn’t dare change anything with these people.  I won’t use them again just because they were unprofessional as far as keeping me informed.

Now I will need to get the dirt moved to the garden area in back of the wall and find some good shade plants to add along the wall.  The big part, and expense, is done.

2 thoughts on “Adding a Stone Wall Barrier to the Front Yard

    1. Dustytoes

      Yes, some kind of front end loader, but small. I guess that is the expense – paying for the equipment to build it. Rocks are everywhere, but who can move them? Glad you like it.


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