Re-purposing Window Grilles For the Garden

flower vine

Recycled window dividers used as a trellis.

When I bought my house the sliding door and another glass door had white dividers, or grilles, in them.  I don’t like that look.  I like my windows to be clear and open – free of dividers to block my view outside.  I was happy to find that the dividers could be unsnapped and removed, so I took them all off and stored them in the garage.  I thought they would make good trellises for the vegetables.

Well, they do, if you don’t try to put anything too heavy on them.  They are a bit flimsy and won’t hold up without breaking but the one I used for my morning glory vine is doing a nice job.  The vine isn’t very large yet, but they don’t get big and heavy.  I have it next to the deck so the vines can grow up and wrap around the deck railings.

It’s just one way you can use junk in the garden.  I hate to spend money on expensive trellises, and truthfully, I couldn’t find any I liked.  All my new windows are grille free too – you can find my grilles in the garden.

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