Wrapping it Up in Fall

Spring began with hope.  I had high hopes of getting a lot accomplished while the good weather was around.  Then I realized that other people, who would have to help me get those things accomplished, were not as interested.  The first disappointment was buying the new refrigerator. My son came to visit for three weeks […]

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Adding a Stone Wall Barrier to the Front Yard

My front yard slopes down toward the house and for the most part that doesn’t bother me, except when it rains hard and all the sediment and sand from the road washes into my yard. The only real option was to put up a barrier of some kind to keep the water running off down […]

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Old siding on yellow house

My First Look at The New Siding!

My house renovations are moving along and Brandon has been busy putting up the new siding. I chose light yellow to match the old color of the house because I can’t afford to have the back of the house done right now. Because I have a cape, which is two-story, the back of the house […]

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rotted wood on house

House Renovations, Day 2

One of the big problems I need fixed with all the renovations happening at my house, is the water leak at the front steps. At the top of the ugly cement steps there is a gap (and probably rotting wood) where water seeps into my basement unless I cover the steps with plastic every time […]

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