A Visit From Three Deer, Backyard Photos


Doe a Deer

We had three deer that visited the backyard a few weeks ago. Back before our week long summer weather preview, with temps in the 80’s, we had some snow on the ground and one morning I noticed my cat sitting on the deck and peering intently  into the woods. I knew that she saw something interesting and then a little head popped up over the edge of the drop-off and it was a deer! Our backyard is pretty small, with a drop into the woods beyond. The house was built on the side of a hill and fill dirt makes up the yard. The deer was on the banking and peeking up to look at the house.
I ran to get the camera and then headed upstairs where I’d have the best view of the backyard.

All the pictures were taken out my upstairs bathroom window, so they are not as clear as I’d like.

three deer in winter

Three deer just passing through.

I know that seeing deer is not all that unusual, but I always love to see them. They had their thick winter coats and kept looking toward the house as if they wanted to come up and sniff out the birdfeeders. One came very close while the other two stayed down in the woods.

deer in winter


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