House With A View

Just up the road from where I live, I discovered this great view. There are several houses at the top of the hill, but one is located in the open and can clearly see these hills year round. They don’t have much of a yard as it is steeply sloping – like most of our yards in this neighborhood, but who would care with this mountain view!

View from the top of a hill

Just Up the Hill - This View!

I only recently discovered that I do live higher up than I thought. I had just never walked into this particular section of the neighborhood.

Now that most of the leaves are gone from the trees, I am able to see things that I never knew were there. Homes that were built back in the woods have lost their privacy for winter and I imagine that some people welcome the season for the long distance views from their porches and picture windows that were blocked by foliage all summer.

What would be your choice – living up high with a view, or on the water?

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