Fall Photos, Not What You’d Expect

Like most people, I look forward to Fall with it’s gorgeous array of color, but this year things were different. At first I thought it was just that I lived in a new place, but I heard others complaining about the lack of reds and brightness that we usually see here in New England. Fall got off to a slow start and then suddenly it seemed to pop. And then just as suddenly it was gone – of course then there was the storm which not only removed leaves, but whole trees in that one unfortunate section of the northeast. They are still cleaning up from it. We got close to 2 feet of snow and were lucky in comparison.
Also, I was a bit distracted by all the home repairs going on, so this Fall was a bust. Maybe I’ll be around next year, and the colors will return. If so, I’ll plan to get some good photos.
So I’m sharing my Fall photos, but they don’t contain the lovely color of previous years.

Signs of Fall at my place include bright yellow mums (now dead after being buried by a freak snow storm), stacks of wood and mushrooms.

2 thoughts on “Fall Photos, Not What You’d Expect

  1. swisstoons

    Enjoyed perusing your pix. Do I know that cat posing in profile to the left of your woodpile? I’ve never seen red mushrooms like the ones in your photo. I am guessing they are not good candidates for ending up in a kettle of cream of mushroom soup.


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