Fall… and Christmas… Already?

fall colors

It's coming - and soon - fall colors!

Why are we always pushing things.  Can’t we just enjoy what is in the here and now?  I am just beginning to enjoy summer and it’s almost August.  I worked for 5 hours in my yard yesterday to get some clean up done and some flowers planted.  I suppose most people have done this in Spring and now they are off vacationing or doing fun things during their summer Saturdays, but I am behind.

Then I got a notice that I had sold 100 beach Christmas photo cards!  Wow- some people do plan ahead.  In the online shopping and selling world, it is really too late to begin making Fall items to sell.  The items will take some time to get “out there” for people to find, but I opened a new Zazzle “Fall Colors” wedding store anyway.  Most of my fall wedding stuff is hidden in my main store so I thought I’d get it all together, along with new things, to make it easier to find.

I love the Fall season and cherish every moment of it. Now that I have moved I won’t get to see the color around the lake, but look forward to seeing what this new area has for color. It’s an opportunity for new photos. But, today I will enjoy the summer day, and not think ahead.

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