It’s Almost Fall, But I Am Planting To Beautify My New Yard

fence and rock garden

Trying to Beautify the Yard

Well, I am all moved into the new house and I’ve been busy trying my best to get the place fixed up. Some things I am doing myself, such as yard work and planting. I’ve already weeded and made a small garden in the rocks by the driveway and along the old fence which I decided to keep. At first I thought I might paint it, but I’m not sure, and that would be something that can wait anyway.

Fall is a great time to plant perennials so I’ve been checking out the local farms and stores for some to add to the yard. Tenney Farms (one of my favorite places) has a bunch of perennials that are overgrown and not so pretty, but I’ve picked up some good stuff in the past few weeks. I added a red rhododendron to the side yard and a couple of peonies (one is white) to the fence garden, along with tall, red daylilies and little stella d’oros (which I love too), and a white phlox.

I found a great looking Astilbe at the farm too and that is in the front near all the trees. I have a lot of shade in the front from the tall trees that line the road and the sunny, but small, back yard was full of blackberry bushes that I have been pulling out. Not fun!  I’ll keep the raspberries which are not in the way, and not as nasty.

I planted a red coneflower and yellow daisy back there which will grow among my veggies next spring. Fall is a good time to get ready for next years growing season so I feel like I am accomplishing something and in the Spring there will be at least some color in this yard.

The only plants worth much that are already here are a few leggy lilacs, and I found two, small azaleas that look like they are barely surviving. I’m moving them into more sunny areas so hopefully they will do better. Already I am looking forward to next Spring, for the first time in years.

This is what I have spent most of my time doing, that and getting my son ready for school which starts next week.

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