A Camp Style Bathroom

green and yellow bathroom

Camp style bath

Now that I have moved, I have to get used to new things all over again. Or should I say, “old things” that are new to me? I love that I have windows in both my bathrooms, even though the one downstairs only opens a few inches, due to the fact that I am not strong enough to shove it open more. Almost all the windows in the house are old and balk at being opened. A bathroom without windows is pretty dumb. It’s the one room that gets steamy and needs fresh air the most, so why is it that houses are built without considering that? I lived for 3 years in a rental with a tiny bathroom and no window, so having windows now is like heaven to me!
The upstairs bathroom (in my picture) reminds me of being at camp. Why on earth anyone would paint their bathroom bright yellow and dark green is beyond me. Even the stall size shower reminds me of going camping and taking showers in the hideous camping bathrooms – except that I love my shower. It’s small, but the water gushes out and it feels so good. Then I put up my window fan and pull in the fresh air and give thanks that I am standing in my own house – camp bathroom and all.

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