White Hair in Our Bird’s Nest

small bird's nest

Nest Made of White Hair

A few years ago, when we were renting a house in Hopkinton, New Hampshire, this little bird’s nest fell out of a tree. We found it in the backyard. The amazing thing about it was the fact that we knew what material was used to build some of it. There are white strands around the inner top part and we knew they must have come from the horse next door.

An old, pure white, horse lived just up the road and we could see him from our yard when the leaves were off the trees and some little bird used his mane or tail hair to build it’s nest. It’s just amazing that little birds can build such intricate little homes to raise their young. Each Spring they lay eggs high above the ground in swaying branches and hope to survive the strong winds and downpours to see their babies hatch. Some don’t make it, but I hope the ones in this nest did before it was flung to the ground for us to find.

Watch at Cornell University in NY – live stream of a Red-tailed hawk nest with 3 chicks.

10 thoughts on “White Hair in Our Bird’s Nest

  1. Patti Thompson

    We find small nests with wolf hair in them. We have pet wolves and brush them out every spring because they look so scraggly and we leave all that hair out for the birds to use as nesting material, and they love it. We will often times find the hair on the inside of the next only as if to make soft bedding.


    1. Tracy

      We have a tiny empty nest we have found in our yard that looks almost identical to the image posted here. The nest is about 2″ in diameter. The inside feels like hair because it is much softer than the material on the outside. What type of bird makes this type nest?


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  3. E. Baron

    What a beautiful little nest! I put out lots of dog hair every spring and often see all kinds of birds carrying it away—long work sessions of taking a tiny bit at a time up to the nest, then coming back for more. I’ve never seen a nest close-up with my dog’s hair in it, but I know it’s out there, somewhere.


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