Unconventional Looking Wild Mushrooms

mushroom, fungi

A Strange Growth

This mushroom is growing right outside my door – almost – so I keep checking on it. With my hand next to it you can see the size and there are other blobby growths on this dead Hemlock tree as well, which are the babies I suppose.


The Beginning of Another Mushroom

This tree has quite a few of these smaller round mushrooms.

Although these growths are very strange looking, I found the most bizarre mushroom on a walk last year. It was so odd looking – kind of like a brain, that I purposely remembered where it was so I could go back with my camera and get a photo.
See it below. I should go back and check to see if it’s growing there again this year.
If you know what it is, I’d love to hear from you.


The "Brain" Mushroom

5 thoughts on “Unconventional Looking Wild Mushrooms

  1. K

    Possibly a type of cauliflower mushroom.. different varrients eastern, ruffles.. have a similar looking one in my yard I’m trying to ID now

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  3. Swisstoons

    The one you’ve got your hand next to looks like some kind of deliciousfancy dessert. So, it’s probably poisonous. 🙂 Morels are sometimes called “brain mushroms” because of the similarity of appearance. But that “brainlike” fungus up there in your photo does not really look like a morel to me. I am waiting for you to find some actual edible mushrooms so you can cook them up and take a photo of the dish. As I’ve said time and again, you are the best food photographer around. But then your wild fungi photos look professional, too. You always seem to know which angle and which lighting makes the best pic.


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