Return of The Juncos

Dark Eyed Junco (Junco hyemalis hyemalis)

Image via Wikipedia

Each October all of a sudden I will look outside and see that the Juncos have returned for the winter.  They cover the grass in search for whatever it is that they eat and I know they will be around all winter eating something off the top of the snow. It’s just another part of the changing seasons here in the northeast, but this year I am wondering if my cats will be catching any of them.  I hope not, but Richie and Fontana were not living here at this time last year, and they are typical hunters – Richie especially – so I guess we’ll see.

I’ve kept sunflower seeds in my Heritage bird feeder (it’s my favorite feeder) all summer to attract birds to the yard in hopes that they will eat the bugs that can get annoying.  I haven’t had any bear problems yet and hope I won’t.  I really don’t want to lose my feeder, but this is the time of year that the bears fill up for the winter hibernation and my feeder is already dented from a previous attack a couple of years ago.

2 thoughts on “Return of The Juncos

  1. Kathryn

    We have Juncos here, & they look very similar. The coloring is slightly different on ours. I think they have just a tiny bit of red-brown at the edge of dark & white feathering, or something. I don’t get very good pics of them. They flit around so. The chickadees, sparrows, & finches pose for me much better than Juncos.

    You got a great pic of this one in your yard. 🙂


  2. Swisstoons

    I’d heard the name, “Junco,” but I don’t think I’d ever seen one before I got here to read your latest posting. Juncos winter in New Hampshire?? Where do Juncos normally live…if they think of New Hampshire as a winter home? The North Pole? Or maybe the female Juncos can’t convince their husbands to stop and ask for directions. Yeah, I bet that’s it.


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