Apple Picking at Norway Hill Orchards

Norway hill apple orchard

The Apple Stand at Norway Hill Orchards

I can’t believe I waited so long to pick apples this year. I would have to kick myself if I let the season pass without picking some fresh, juicy apples. A few days ago the weather was just gorgeous and my son and I drove to Hancock, New Hampshire to pick some Courtland apples at Norway Hill Orchard. It’s just off Rt. 202 and you can get there by going up Forest Rd., or Norway Hill road.

(UPDATE, 2018:  This orchard is closed.  So sad.)

View in the apple orchard

The homestead – Are they lucky or what?

Actually the variety available was mind-boggling and since I usually pick Macintosh (they were about gone by then), I chose the Courtlands, which turned out to be very delicious.
It was easy to see that the season was about gone, with all the rotted “drops” under the trees, but we filled our peck size bag, paid the $9.

apple orchard and view of mt. monadnock

View of Mount Monadnock from the Orchard

Traveling around these New Hampshire roads in Fall is such a treat. When I first moved here from Florida I felt like I was driving through a beautiful painting each time I took a trip. Going to the grocery store was almost enjoyable.

On the way home I snapped this photo going down the hill from the orchard. As we headed to the house, I began making notes of all the recipes I would be trying soon with my fresh picked apples.

New Hampshire scenery

Driving Home

If you are making a day of it here in New Hampshire, you could travel down through Hancock and head out Rt. 123 to Stoddard and climb Pitcher Mountain. It’s not a long climb and the views are spectacular.

5 thoughts on “Apple Picking at Norway Hill Orchards

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  5. Swisstoons

    Sounds like an enjoyable way to spend an Autumn afternoon. From your pics, it looks like your trees are still not doing their annual color explosion thing. I noticed this morning how many of the leaves in my part of Michigan are still up in the trees…and still green. Weird Fall.


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