The Girl Scout Camp

camp chenoa map

I APOLOGIZE if you are seeing 2 signs here…something is wonky…please pretend you only see one!

On with the post: I borrowed part of the wooden map at the local camp to make my recent blog header. Camp Chenoa is a Girl Scout camp on Gregg Lake in the town of Antrim, New Hampshire. Each summer cars come and go each week dropping off and picking up the kids who have spent time there doing all the fun things campers do. I suppose some of them worked hard to make this wooden map of the grounds.

camp chenoa map

Camp Chenoa Map

When the camp is closed down for the off-season, it’s a place where local people walk or take their dogs for walks. At one time a family with a lot of boys lived in the ranger’s home which is on the property. It was great for my son and he made some good friends. Unfortunately they moved away.

camp chenoa dining hall

Camp Chenoa’s Dining Hall

Its a beautiful area and the camp road makes a loop so it’s possible to walk all the way around if you have the time and energy. There are trails, a fire pit, a climbing wall and little cabins scattered all over. The large dining area is also used for weddings and I suppose other events. It certainly has a great view of Gregg Lake.

tent city at the girl scout camp

Tent City

Tent City can only be seen in the nice weather. These tents come down for the winter months leaving only the wooden decks underneath. I honestly give the girls a lot of credit sleeping in these. I bet they hear a lot of wildlife during the night. But being right on the water, I also bet it’s beautiful.

The little cabin at the beginning of this post is also part of the camp property, but it’s located across the street and way out in the woods.

13 thoughts on “The Girl Scout Camp

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  4. Nat

    Guys, the camp is great and can be very attrective for the kids who like exploring nature and active life. There are many interesting activities and lots of fun here. Still working at Chenoa I was astonished why there are so many gays among the counselors… Ladies make couples with each other and noone pays attention to it. Maybe this is specific for girl scouts camps, as I found out that some of these guys had visited this camp since childhood. The camp is good but I would think twice before leaving my daughter there.


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  9. Pickles

    Tent City is used for administration staff, like the nurse and the rock wall supervisor. I was a CIT/Camp counselor at Chenoa this past summer, and I’ve spent entire summers there for 5 years. Currently i’m about to turn 18, but ladies, its still amazing when you an older teenager as well as a younger child. Girls go between ages 6/7(The Itty Bitties) And 17 if they decide to be a CIT or Dream Worker. It’s an amazing place to send your children if you arn’t close enough to Chenoa’s sister camp Farnsworth. I highly suggest this camp to parents who have adventurous children! Even children who are excited in making friends! There are so many activities and fun things to do, and the counselors are very funny. Pickles is my camp name! If your daughter is interested, look Chenoa or Farnsworth up and sign up! There are three sessions, 2 weeks long at a time! Your daughter can spend a week, or 2 weeks there in cabins, and camping out at the various camp sites around the camp itself such as The Point and The Treehouses!


    1. seashellsbymillhill

      Hi Pickles! Thanks for all that useful info. I don’t have a young daughter and only know what I see when hiking through the camp in the off season. We were friends with the Tremblays who took care of the camp a couple years ago, but sadly they moved. I have always imagined that the camp is tons of fun for the girls who visit. Glad you left this message and I will add it to the post (or a new one) to get the word out.


  10. Swisstoons

    Sounds like a terrific place for city kids to experience the out-of-doors! I only went to camp once (if we don’t count my eight weeks of basic training at Ft. Knox. hahaha). My sixth grade class spent five weeks in a place much like what you show and describe, here. Unfortunately, I was subject to severe bouts of asthma when I was a kid…and ended up gasping and sneezing my way through each of the four nights I spent there. The camp had already been in existence for about 40 years at that time. And the dust mites had apparently established quite a metropolis in my mattress during that period. Anyway, the days were lots of fun…as I’m sure they are for the Girl Scouts who descend on Camp Chenoa each summer!


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