New England Fall Foliage 2010

I’ve been thinking that this Fall season the colors just aren’t what they’ve been the past couple of years. There are areas of brightly colored trees and before all the rain and wind, I did see some bright red trees along the roads and a few big maples in gorgeous yellow and orange.
Yesterday, Friday, October 8th, was a warm, sunny day around here and I took a walk to the lake for some seasonal photos. It was very windy but with the air being so warm, it felt good. I got some shots at my favorite spots, but still wasn’t very impressed with the colors.
I know that by this time last year everything was much brighter – see my comparison shots in the last 2 pictures below. I’ve read that a hot, dry summer can adversely affect Autumn’s foliage and I think that was the culprit this year. We certainly had a very hot and mostly dry summer.
But I’ll share my photos with you, because we take what we get and no matter what, I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, no matter what the season.

fall season photography

Fall 2010

fall foliage

Turtles and Trees

fall foliage

Orange Tree by the Lake 2010

Below is the postcards I made last year with a photo taken in the same location.


3 thoughts on “New England Fall Foliage 2010

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  3. Swisstoons

    I agree, you do live in one of the most beautiful…and obviously, untouched…places. What you are seeing and photographing is no doubt much like what the Native Americans and the first European settlers were seeing hundreds of years ago. To me, that’s a very meaningful connection with the past. As if the visual beauty of the place weren’t enough…there is that historical nexus to appreciate.


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