Where The Cats Are

Well, if you have cats, you already know how weird they can be.

Richie likes to be in the middle of everything. I was trying to bake something a while back – can’t remember what – and he thought the cookbook would be the best place to sleep.

The weather must have been lousy, or he would have been outdoors. He just sat there watching me with his crazy look.

Richie and cookbook

Recipes Are For Sleeping On

Fontana, on the other hand, likes the soft, fluffy rug in my daughter’s room. She is a bit of a chubby puffball herself!

sleeping cat

Fontana Prefers Fluff

6 thoughts on “Where The Cats Are

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  2. Swisstoons

    Richie looks like he should be a film critic. Hey, I’ve seen photos of your daughter. She doesn’t look like a chubby puffball at all. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. The cat! By the way, which of these guys is having his milk money taken by the fisher cats every day?


  3. Mattenylou

    Our two cats are always nearby, too, usually trying to sit on the keyboard, in the basket of laundry I’m folding, in the bed I’m making, on the arm of my chair, walking on the piano keys…. oh well, they’re cute little critters and make me smile. Is that a Betty C cookbook? Mine’s in about the same shape, lol.


  4. Kathryn

    I missed this post somehow. I enjoy the kitties, even if i don’t always appreciate them sitting on my book or newspaper. 🙂 Your black one is just the opposite of our white Jazz.


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