Sharon Lovejoy Is Sweet


Happiness is Good People

I have found it difficult to find good blogs to follow, and I’m not a constant blogger. My life is pretty boring, my garden is small, I have no home or garden to brag about and mostly I find it difficult to post any kind of interesting blog post. I also spend most of my day working online which keeps me very busy.

I have found some nice blogs to follow and one of them is written by a writer, Sharon Lovejoy. She spends part of her time in her home in Maine – Sunflower House – and because she is a part time New Englander, we have something in common! Sometimes something small is just enough to find an online friend.

She has the complete opposite type of life than I do. She is constantly on the go. She has many published books and does book signings and appearances. She travels the countryside visiting her many friends and manages to find time to share her photos on her blog.

But what impresses me the most about this wonderful lady, is that she comes by my little nothing blog – and leaves me comments! I think it is so sweet.

Thanks Sharon! Visit her blog here………………………..

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