My New Bistro Set

For many years I wanted a bistro set – a tall table with chairs to match.  In my old house, we had a screened in gazebo and I wanted a taller set of chairs to use in there. I never found a set and then as I moved around for a few years, the thought left me.

Now, at my rental, I have a small outdoor deck and decided it was time to seriously search for a set to enjoy for the summer.  I see no point in having deck chairs at “railing height” so you constantly have to prop yourself up to look over the edge into the yard.  And that is what I want to do – sit on the deck and look at the garden, bird feeders, etc.

I looked online at Amazon and other on-line stores, and went to the usual places like Home Depot and Target. I either didn’t like what I found – it had to be made to handle being outside – or the prices were ridiculous!

I also wanted something small so it wouldn’t take over my little deck.
This is the set I bought. I found it on-line at JCPenney and it was only $230, which was in my price range.
It’s not exactly what I wanted – I would have preferred a round table, without a glass top, and I was hoping for a lighter color since it would be out in the sun. But I am very happy with it. And the chairs swivel ~ which is a plus!!

Bistro Set

My New Bistro Set

By the way, I also had to put this set together myself. It took a total of about 3 hours – maybe even more!! I didn’t do it all at once – In fact, I bought the set in May, which is the month for black flies up here, so I don’t spend much time outside and that gave me a whole month to slowly get it put together.

I’ve been enjoying the recent nice weather out on my deck and even ate supper out there the other night. It was worth all the effort.  Another goal accomplished!

4 thoughts on “My New Bistro Set

  1. Swisstoons

    The glass top will allow you to keep an eye on your shoes while you eat so the black flies or bears or fisher cats can’t sneak up and tie your laces together! Seriously…it does look like a very pleasant place to enjoy a meal. Nice job on that table, Pam! Can you build me a car?


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