First Breakfast in January

berries and yogurt

My Favorite Breakfast

I admit that I did not take this photo this morning – January 1, 2010 – but I did eat this for breakfast as I do most mornings.

I don’t always add all the fruit – it depends on what I have in the freezer. Sometimes I have it with banana too but I always add Flax seed meal and wheat germ to my (usually) Strawberry yogurt. Both ingredients are excellent for good health and so simple to incorporate into your meals.

Here’s what I use: *Stoneyfield yogurt (a large carton to last all week) ~~ *walnuts crumbled in my fingers ~~ *semi-thawed frozen blueberries and or strawberries ~~ *Flax seed meal -a big spoonful ~~*Wheat germ – 2 big spoonfuls

I will make my son his favorite cinnamon rolls once he gets up. He’s only 12 and not into healthy eating.
~~~~ Have a wonderful first day of 2010 ~~~~

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