turkey broth

Turkey Broth and Leftovers

Yesterday we ate turkey for Thanksgiving like so many other people did. Today I am making broth, or stock, and chopping up the leftover turkey for meals to come.   If you have a big pot, like my Lodge Dutch Oven, (6 quart size) add the turkey carcass (you may have to pull the bones […]

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Why Not Be Alone on Thanksgiving?

Right now I know a handful of people who will be home, all alone, on Thanksgiving. And not one of them is sad about that! For the past couple of weeks everywhere I’ve been strangers have asked what I am doing for the holidays. Grocery clerks, nurses at the doctor’s office, bank tellers, you name […]

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Remembering Thanksgiving

My favorite Thanksgivings took place long ago when I was a kid. There were no microwave ovens to quickly heat the cooling food, but I remember it always tasted great. All the Aunts and my grandmother pitched in to help get everything ready and my sister and I (if it was at our house) had […]

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Chicken Duty For Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Just a quick note today before I attempt to cook my turkey, to wish all my faithful readers a happy turkey day!! It’s 6:30am and in about a half hour I will go to my neighbor’s house and release their chickens from the coop. The cute chicks have grown and there […]

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Thankful Every Day

After losing much over the past 3 years, I have learned to be constantly thankful for what I have. Each day I am thankful for: *Being able to get out of bed because my body works! *My eyesight, good hearing and a lucid mind (for the most part, it works pretty well!) *My children – […]

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