Turkey Broth and Leftovers

turkey broth

Yesterday we ate turkey for Thanksgiving like so many other people did.

Today I am making broth, or stock, and chopping up the leftover turkey for meals to come.  

If you have a big pot, like my Lodge Dutch Oven, (6 quart size) add the turkey carcass (you may have to pull the bones apart to make it fit) and some vegetables and herbs for flavor.  I added garlic cloves, celery, green onions, parsley and basil leaves from my garden and covered the whole thing with water.  It simmered for two hours, then I strained it into another big bowl.  Once it was cool enough, I dug through the meat and bones and got about a cup of meat to use in another recipe.

Then….. I made a Turkey Pot Pie based on the Chicken Pot Pie I made recently.

Turkey pot pie in dutch oven
Turkey Pot Pie, the day after

There is much more turkey to deal with, so maybe sandwiches or I’ll freeze it.

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