Photos and Friends By The Lake

bridge at the lake

A favorite spot for photos.

I used to live near Gregg Lake in New Hampshire and I had the opportunity to go back there a few days ago to take some photos from some of my favorite spots. The little bridge on Craig Road always offers a nice view looking off either side, and the wildlife didn’t disappoint me. The heron was on the far side of the swampy area, just off to the left in this picture, and I took a photo of him but it didn’t come out very well. I didn’t see any snapping turtles or snakes sunning, but I almost stepped on a big frog at the edge of the water. He didn’t move even though I was very close, so I took his picture.

The blueberries are plentiful, but still green of course. I’ll have to get back there in a month or so to pick some. It was quiet and peaceful and although some people were using the public beach, the water is still too cold for many I assume.

I saw an old friend drive by and met a new one. Tina was walking and asked me what I was photographing and I said, “just nature”. So we struck up a conversation and she told me that she had been coming to the lake each summer for over 50 years. Her family owns one of the few houses along the road.

I asked if she’d seen a lot of changes to the Lake area, but she said no, not really. That is the nice thing about living in a quiet small town, things don’t change too quickly. One of the things that makes Gregg Lake a nice place to kayak, swim or fish is that not many big, noisy boats want to bother with such a small lake. We had a nice talk and she told me about how she had come across a loon while out in her kayak and how it stayed right close by for about 45 minutes. She said it was so close that she could have touched it had she wanted to.

I love the water, and that is why. It’s always interesting and so full of life. I love having my own home now, but I miss my time spent walking around the lake area. Fortunately I am not too far away to visit, and I will again soon.

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8 thoughts on “Photos and Friends By The Lake

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  5. swisstoons

    Always something interesting to see here at your blog. Great photos. But what is that hole under the big boulder? Did you reach in to see if there were any snakes in there? Maybe next time. Hahaha


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