Wording on my thrummed mittens

Knitting Thrummed Mittens With Bulky Yarn

Now that I have my yarn (Alafosslopi) and my roving I will be casting on to knit my first pair of thrummed mittens. I’ve been researching how to do this. On top of needing a thrum-making tutorial, I want to knit mittens with the side gore / gusset / and NOT an afterthought thumb. This […]

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Finished knitting Carbeth Cardigan

Holiday Knitting a Woolly Carbeth Cardigan in Alafosslopi

My son worked Thanksgiving Day and since it’s only me and him, I spent the day getting a new knitting project on the needles (I finished it on New Years Eve). The Carbeth Cardigan (Ravelry pattern page) is a design by KDD and Co., Kate Davies Designs. The pattern suggests holding two yarns together, but […]

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