Milet Mittens Colorwork Knitting Project and Mods

Milet mitten finished

The Milet mitten pattern is my first real colorwork, small-needle knitting project. I’ve learned how to hold the yarn for the Main Color (MC) and Contrast Color (CC), and I’ve learned how to carry floats from both hands. So, I figured I was ready to attempt something new.

I did a trial knit of this pattern to try and figure out what size needles to use. The first attempt at this mitten came out very large (also my needle sizes were off – see Flexi Flip size discrepancies). I had gone up a needle size because usually I have to do that. But this time the mitten was way too big.

When I began my knit-along mitten project, although I had another mitten pattern in mind (Helianthus), I stuck with the Milet pattern because I could understand it (especially the thumb). I did go down to needle sizes 1.5 and 2 (pattern calls for 1.5 and 2.5). It meant I had to order some new DPN’s to finish off the top and thumb.

Honestly, I think this mitten should be knit in size 1 and 1.5, with added length for cuff and hand.

Knitting Milet mittens - cast on day
Accomplished the floral cuff the first day of knitting

The colorwork cuff is knit first then a ribbed lining is worked. Once the ribbing is finished the work is turned inside out to begin the hand. (See mug photo below.) I like this idea of making a double layer cuff.

knitting the mitten cuff and lining

Because I like a longer cuff on my mittens, I added extra rows of maroon to the bottom of the hand / wrist area, then did a Latvian Braid (just for fun) with a couple more rows of maroon. I wouldn’t do it this way again because that wrist area is too loose. I like the braid, but overall the mitten is simply too wide and loose.

Colorwork mitten knitting
I added a Latvian braid and extra rows to lengthen the cuff

The pattern is easy to follow, but it did take me some time to figure out the thumb knitting. I’m not experienced with picking up stitches and very small circumference knitting, so the thumb was annoying. Because of this, I decided to knit it solid maroon until I got near the top.

knitting colorwork Milet mitten pattern
knitting colorwork Milet mitten pattern

It took me twelve days to finish this one mitten, but I did not work on it every day. I had to wait for my Hiya Sharp #2 DPN’s to arrive.

Learned this: Very sharp, metal, DPNs are super helpful when knitting tiny stitches.

Colorwork mitten knitting
Made some changes to lengthen the mitten

Review of Milet Mitten Pattern

Overall I like the looks of this mitten. Loads of people have also knit it, so it is popular. Many knitters have mentioned having to add length to the hand, which I also had to do. The nice thing about mittens is that they can be tried on. It’s easy to adjust length of hand and thumb by adding / subtracting rows.

The thumb chart has been fitted in with the hand, so it’s very easy to follow – but you must know how to read a chart to knit mittens. It’s not difficult, but when designers put the thumb chart separate from the rest of the work, I don’t know how to incorporate that into my knitting. It’s something I will have to figure out because I have other mitten patterns I would love to knit.

Buy the Milet Pattern, by Ysolda Teague, Here

I added three extra rows of the white dot pattern, but once I got to the top “star” pattern I realized I needed more length. So I added a couple more rows there.

The mitten is also very wide. I believe a thin pair of gloves could be worn inside for extra warmth.

The left-hand mitten will not be knit exactly the same way as I will make better adjustments. I’ll use the same needle sizes so the pair will match, but next time (if I ever knit this pattern again) I will use smaller needles overall.

Changes, Mods, to Pattern For Next Time

  • Needle size 1 and 1.5 for a tighter cuff and smaller mitten circumference overall
  • Lengthen the cuff by adding more colorwork or plain color knitting, then more rows of ribbing to match length.
  • Add as many rows as needed of dotted colorwork to the hand length.
star pattern at top of Milet mitten pattern
The stars at the top add beauty to this pattern

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