binding off with i-cord

Step by Step How to Do the I-Cord Bind Off

I had never done an I-cord bind off, but I’ve used the i-cord to make rope handles and long points or tassel holders on the end of hats. I must say, this type of bind-off is quite nice. I used it recently when the Bay’s Edge Shawl called for binding off in this manner. As […]

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Kitchener stitch

The Kitchener Stitch For Socks, Mittens and More

There is a lot more to knitting than picking up a pair of needles and choosing a pretty yarn. If you have done any amount of knitting yourself you will understand. I have learned a lot as I’ve knit various projects over the past year and a half. One aspect of knitting you will undoubtedly […]

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Pinterest Can Grab You And Swallow You Up

Recently a few very good articles have been written at Wizzley about the Pinterest site and one of them explains very well, “How to Get Pinned at Pinterest“.   The Author, Jimmie, explains some uses for photos and how to make sure they will link to a good place if you “pin” them on one […]

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Learning to Clone a Picture

Although I have Photo Shop, I’ve been using a free program, called, to do some graphic designs for my Zazzle stores and slowly I am learning how to master the various tools. One thing I could never figure out, even with instructions from the site, was the “clone stamp”. So I ignored it, until […]

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