House Renovations, Day 2

rotted wood on house
cement steps

One of the big problems I need fixed with all the renovations happening at my house, is the water leak at the front steps. At the top of the ugly cement steps there is a gap (and probably rotting wood) where water seeps into my basement unless I cover the steps with plastic every time it rains.  I can’t imagine what my neighbors think as they see me out there with a sheet of plastic.  It looks terribly tacky as you can imagine, but it keeps the water out.

Now that the guys have begun work around the steps, they told me that there was no way to move the steps because they go down into the ground at least 2 feet! That’s right, they are not just sitting there on the ground, they are deeply buried. In fact the guys think that the steps were poured on the spot and a big hole was dug to get below the frost line so the steps wouldn’t be moved by the freezing ground.

So that’s great. The ugly cement steps are permanent! At least they are able to get in behind them and hopefully keep water out of my basement.

See what happened back on Day One of renovations.

3 thoughts on “House Renovations, Day 2

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