My First Look at The New Siding!

Old siding on yellow house

My house renovations are moving along and Brandon has been busy putting up the new siding. I chose light yellow to match the old color of the house because I can’t afford to have the back of the house done right now. Because I have a cape, which is two-story, the back of the house is the largest area to renovate. (I finally sided the back in 2016, just before I moved out.)

My Old Post Below About the Siding

Because WordPress has changed over to a new editor, my old post is a bit of a mess. I can’t seem to arrange the photos as I’d like, but I’ve kept the original story as I wrote it.

new yellow siding on garage

First View of The New Siding

I had my first look at the yellow siding I had ordered when the guys got it added to the side wall of the garage.
I’d been sitting inside at my desk working while all the hammering and pounding was going on outside and I really didn’t know what the siding guys were up to. Then I went out to get my mail and they said I could get a look at it. The side of the garage was done and wow, was it wonderful!

You can see the old look below with the big white splotch where a dilapidated shed had been and someone just painted the house yellow around it.

garage wall to be repaired

The Garage Before the Fix

The back of the house is not being sided at this time because I can’t afford it, but both ends of the house and the front will be this light yellow color with white trim and shutters.

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