A Crazy Tech Discovery

So, I’m knitting the Brodgar poncho and took some photos of my progress.

As I was scrolling through the photos on my iPhone something happened.

My photo began to light up with an outline moving around the subject (my knitting) in the photo.

Original photo

I chose the “Share” option from the pop up, and sure enough the isolated image came up in my Air Drop. That moving line took out the background and gave me only the knitting part of the photo – isolating the subject.

Photo with original background replaced!

Lightly touch the photo and the glowing, moving line will appear. Choose a photo with an obvious subject. It’s magic!

I don’t know if this was part of a recent Apple update or if I’ve had this ability all along, but it’s pretty cool and I’ve never seen it before.

Just for fun, I took the poncho knitting image and added a new background using Pixelmator.

This opens up some great possibilities for my graphic design work.

I’m a tech imbecile, so this might be old news for many. For me, it was a crazy way to begin my day. I wanted to play with it some more, but had to get to work.

Top of post: Starfish on the beach phone case is available to Buy Here.

One more time….isolating Skittle the Cat

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