Getting My Kunlun at End of Year Yarn Sale

Miss Babs yarn order

End of year yarn sales can become overwhelming without a buying plan. Lack of money is usually my plan! Haha… but seriously, the one sale I’ve come to look forward to the most is at Miss Babs.

Without knowing much about the knitting world, I jumped in and joined a KAL (knit along) and Miss Babs yarn was suggested. We knit a shawl using lace stitches and amazingly enough I was able to do it. See my Vine Pops shawl here. It is when I discovered how lovely Miss Babs’ yarn is.

Customer Care

Not only was the yarn super soft and easy to work with, but some of the knitters were running out of yarn for the project. Miss Babs jumped in and offered some help in some form, which I can’t recall now. It was certainly not something they needed to do, and it was above and beyond. All the knitters were all impressed, and thankful for the offer. (I know this from reading the KAL forum). This was when I realized that this company was run by involved people.

Sometime after that I knit the Fine Sand sweater and once again used Miss Babs yarn (Tarte). Someone from the company actually left a comment on my sweater on Ravelry. I have never had another yarn company do that.

I’ve written about this before, but yarn orders come wrapped in tissue with little stitch marker gift. Also included is a small braid of yarn to use to create a little swatch. Who doesn’t like to feel like an appreciated customer?

The Yarn

At some point I ordered some un-dyed Kunlun yarn. It was probably part of a sale, because I had no plans for it. Eventually, I used it when I made two hats for my daughter and my son’s girlfriend. The white in these hats is the Kunlun yarn (it is combined with some variegated handspun I had purchased). They are the softest hats I’ve ever made. My daughter wears hers all the time.

This is how I fell in love with Kunlun yarn. The yarn contains 70% merino wool, 15% cashmere and 15% cultivated silk. No wonder it is so soft and lovely… and expensive. Each skein is $42 at the time of this writing, so I wait for a sale.

This year I had a project planned. I needed four skeins of Kunlun for this project. I looked online at the colors and had chosen a few favorites, then waited. I wasn’t sure when the sale would begin, but I get the Miss Babs newsletter in my e-mail and figured it would be coming soon.

One night, as I was scrolling through Instagram, I saw a mention of someone ordering their Miss Babs sale yarn… ! Yikes, I was late to the sale. That is all it took for my favorite yarn colors to be sold out! I was one day (possibly only hours) late…!!

I did not give up. I got up, in the middle of the night (this is when I can’t sleep and scroll instagram) and went online to find some Kunlun. I ended up with some Moss green yarn and it is very pretty. I’ll be using it soon to knit Joji Locatelli’s “Arco Iris” sweater.

Kunlun yarn in Moss green

So, did any of my fellow knitters grab some Miss Babs sale yarn? I’m sure I won’t be waiting another whole year before I buy from Miss Babs. I see they have new worsted weight wool (non-superwash) yarn now called Intrepid. I also love Tarte, which I used for a sweater and is able to be machine washed. This yarn is great for knitting gifts for people who will never hand wash anything! I’ve also used the Yummy 2-ply when I knit the Bay’s Edge shawl. There is a lot to like in this shop.

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