Here Comes the New Year, And Oh The WIPs

Easy V sweater in green

Personally, I am happy to say good-bye to 2022. Overall it was a horrible year, but some good things happened. I can’t berate myself too much for all these WIPs hanging about. Usually I don’t let them get so out of control.

I’m finishing up the year with more WIPs (Work in Progress) knits than ever. I chalk it up to Fall being extremely busy here, with 2 hurricanes to deal with, and a surprise visit from my daughter – she came in between the hurricanes. We also had a 40th birthday party for my son in December, which was a ton of work. Then, of course Christmas. I just mailed out gifts today – December 30th! So, yes… I am behind.

My Current WIPs

The knitting projects in my baskets are the Brodgar Poncho, a Playdate sweater, the Goldenfern pullover, and two Easy V sweaters. I do have other projects that have been sitting for a while, like the thrummed mittens and spiral scarves, but I’m not counting them here.

How many WIPs in your knitting baskets?

When I look around Ravelry, sometimes I see knitters with pages full of WIPs! Then, I don’t feel so badly about having the five I have.

Good Riddance 2022

The worst part of 2022 was being sick for over a month with Covid. We had just purchased a camping trailer, that we wanted to use, but that got put off until the end of August. It took me a while to get better, probably because I am in my 60s. Then the hurricanes hit. Ian brought flooding and Nicole brought damage to the beaches. Our beaches are still recovering, as are the people whose homes were flooded. We got off pretty lucky, but need a new roof and are working on making that happen.

We just had a few nights of below freezing temps here in Florida and I covered the plants, but lost a few to the extreme cold. It appears the winter will tend to be a cold one for us in the south. Some years we get off lucky and temps stay decent. It is the end to a year that I chalk up to not so great. And then there is the state of our country, and the world in general.

New Year’s Day Cast On?

I would love to CAST ON a new project on New Year’s Day, but we’ll see. I have some yarn coming from Miss Babs end of year sale, and recently spent my birthday present gift certificate on come soft Donegal yarn. Both yarns will be used to knit sweaters when I find the right patterns.

This year I cast on for the Solstice Glow chicken hat on January first. I finished it eight days later and it was a fun hat to knit. This year I think I will continue to finish up what’s been started before I do any more casting on.

Happy New Year, We Can Hope

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2 thoughts on “Here Comes the New Year, And Oh The WIPs

  1. Pippa

    Thanks Pam. Happy WIPS! I have about 6 of them too. I’m following your lead. I actually rated the first blog with 5 stars but it only took 4. Slip of the finger????

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pam

      Happy New Year! We just keep on knitting… what more can we do? Thank you for the rating. I appreciate all readers and commenters…!!


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