Baby Knitting Patterns For Free and To Purchase

baby socks pink bubblegum yarn

Free knitting patterns for baby include booties, hats, mittens, and tops / sweaters.

I don’t have any babies or grand-babies in the family. But I have done some knitting for friends who now have grandchildren.

Remember to find nice, washable yarn for baby knitting projects. New moms and dads won’t have time to hand wash!

The pink “Beloved” baby hat is a pattern to purchase from Tin Can Knits. I made it along with the Newborn Socks for a friend’s grandbaby.

Knitting Baby Sweaters

Don’t kid yourself in thinking that baby-sized sweaters are much easier to knit than full size sweaters! They are just mini-sized and that means fewer stitches. They will knit up quicker, but it helps to know the construction of a normal sweater.

The Playdate Cardigan pictured below, is not a free pattern, but the pattern is offered in many baby sizes (and adult!) and was such fun to knit. The pattern is by Tin Can Knits and you can find it here.

Fox buttons on baby sweater
Playdate cardigan pattern to purchase

Baby Hats

Machine Washable Yarn For Baby Knitting

Because babies can be messy, projects knit as baby gifts should be easy care. That means finding yarn that is soft and pretty, but can be machine washed, and made even machine dried. The link goes to another post where I have researched washable yarn.

If you have knit some awesome baby patterns, please share in the comments section.

More pattern reviews and knitting help…

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