Five Favorite Places to Buy Wool Online

Inside Harrisville Designs

I love to use wool when knitting and I must buy my yarn online. I’m sharing my five favorite shops for ordering the wool I like.

Here in Florida I love knitting with wool yarn. It is never cold like up north, so I knit using wool year round. I hate when summer for everyone else comes and all the yarn sellers start pushing their linen and cotton. Summer for me is a great time to knit as the air conditioner is running full time to keep me cool.

No single place offers all the types of wool I like to buy, so it’s good to know who has what, and at what price. I’ve discovered a few favorite places to keep in mind. Most places will let you sign up for e-mail notifications, and it’s worth doing so to keep an eye out for sales.

What I Look For When Shopping For My Favorite Yarns

I look for what most knitters look for: Good prices, big selections, good images, free shipping – or how much I need to spend to get it, yarn winding cost, and ease of use. Fast shipping is a plus, as is the little “thank you” on the receipt. Goodies are a bonus!

When it comes to buying wool, these five places stand out.

1. Dublin Bay

Only recently have I found a nice bargain on wool yarn at Dublin Bay. They are located in Montana and had a nice selection of Soft Donegal tweed yarn. For my first order, I purchased three skeins to knit the Kate’s Poncho. The yarn was priced way below other shops, and I received the yarn in two days!

They have lots of other wool available and I’ve noticed their Spindrift (J&S) is also priced low compared to some other online places. Shipping is free to the US for orders over $35 (at current writing, which is quite low). I will be shopping here again.

2. Wool and Company

Most of the time, I order my yarn from Wool and Company. They offer … shipping for any amount of purchase, and they will ….. wind yarn for free!

I’ve never found any other online yarn seller who offers those two things!

They carry Rauma, Brooklyn Tweed, Woolfolk, and Lopi, just to name some of their wool selection.

When knitting a large garment, such as a sweater, the cost of yarn can be high. It pays to shop around – or wait for sale notifications – when planning a big knitting project.

yarn store wool and company packaging is polka dots in black and white

3. Fairlight Fibers

Fairlight Fibers is the place I’ve been buying Jamieson & Smith Shetland wool which they usually carry in many colors. They offer free shipping after spending so much, but that amount has gone up to $80 and used to be less. They will send out e-mails with sale and discount information so it’s worth signing up if you like the types of yarn they sell.

wool yarn Jamieson & Smith
Jamieson & Smith yarn

4. Eat, Sleep, Knit

This store has a huge selection of yarn. The website is easy to navigate and the notice of free shipping for orders over $100 is right there to see. Sign up for e-mails and get sale notices. They also send along a little collection of thank-you goodies! This is what I received when I recently purchased some Flette Bulky yarn by Woolfolk, on sale – a very good sale! – at their shop.

My recent order shipped very fast and was safely tucked inside a sturdy box. I’ve only ordered a couple of times, but they are one seller that will remain on my favorites list.

Little gifts that came in my yarn order from Eat, Sleep, Knit yarn shop
Wow, nice collection of goodies from Eat, Sleep, Knit!

5. The Woolly Thistle

When I began knitting, the Woolly Thistle was the first online place I found with lots of pretty wool for sale. The shop location is New Hampshire, my previous home state, which is what drew me in.

I moved away from NH because I couldn’t afford to live there. This yarn shop is pricey, which tends to go along with the whole New England vibe. But, they do have a wide variety of wool and some items that can be hard to find elsewhere here in the US.

At present time, get free shipping in the US for orders over $149. This is high compared to most other online sites.

wool fiber from sheep
Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Please Share Your Favorites

I’m sure there are many other online places to find nice wool, good sales, free shipping, and offer yarn winding. If you have any favorite places to buy your wool, please leave a comment and share the info to help the rest of us out. Thanks!

The featured image on this post was taken when I visited Harrisville Designs in New Hampshire.

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